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Thread: Custom distro?

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    Custom distro?

    is there such thing as a distro where the user chooses what software they want from an online form then it generates an iso of that distro? if it hasnt yet i think someone should cos it is probably quite a good idea.

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    Well, debian and gentoo have that kind of idea, but you download the packages after you install the base of the system. You end up with exactly what you want, but not they way your thinking of

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    Neat idea...but I'd think it would be hard to implement. If the user has broadband (which they'd need anyway to download the ISO file), there's nothing stopping them from just downloading a minimal install of something like Gentoo or Debian and choosing what they want that way.

    Or, as I'm sure valan would mention, why use a distro at all? Just compile roll your own.
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    It's pretty easy to build a totallycustom distro using Linux From Scratch. To a lesser degree, you can install a minimal base system of Slack, Gentoo, or just about anything else, and build your custom system from there.

    I am using a Slack base system but I wouldn't say it's exactly an "off the shelf" Slack, but then most aren't.

    LFS is the closest I know of to a totally custom built Linux OS as you're building the entire thing, as the name says, from scratch. Everyone should do it at least once.

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    I suspect it would be useful in a corporate environment, where you're isntalling the same package on hundreds, if not thousands of systems. If they're all basically the same hardware, you can just compress the contents of a fresh install and decompress it on each machine. If you have wide variations in hardware, and hardware detection isn't that versatile in the chosen distribution, something like your idea might be useful.

    I think this is the idea behind Progeny's componentized Linux, which they just recently started working on I believe (previous releases were the base for it, I guess). If you want to do something similar, the Jigdo source might be the place to start (search on Debian's site).
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    You could roll your own, there are numerous advantages to that. You will have only what you want, plus it will be faster and more customized than any distro. But that's not for everyone. You can do something like you describe with Slack. Download each package you want, and burn em on a cd. No need to download all of em or the iso if you dont want to.

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