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    Any difference between Linux and *BSD?

    I know that *BSD is a version of UNIX, and Linux is also a type of is there any difference?

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    Is there any difference between Redhat and Slackware, and slackware and gentoo

    I'd say so... every type of distribution has it's diffences..

    But Mandrake/Redhat/slackware/suse/gentoo etc are all built off of "GNU linux" which is a type of unix i believe.


    say Redhat was built off GNU linux
    Mandrake is built off redhat
    BizzyBood is built off mandrake
    FIllyfab is built off of BizzyBood

    as you get farther away from GNU linux the more differences occure, and you get a really messed up hybrid

    bleh i'm rambling and dont know what i'm saying hope it helped

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    BSD is based off of V6 source where linux was written from scratch. The look and feel can be similar but the underworkings are competely different.

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