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    Copy files from one linux OS to another?

    I currently have Mandrake 9.1 installed and am having lots of problems. I solve one then another pops up. Mandrake9.1 can't detect all my harddrives. Sounds don't work, though it did detected my sound card as an Audigy (which is not. Suppose to be SB5.1). And where the heck are the kernel source files? I can't install my modem drivers unless I know where the kernel source files are located.

    What I want to do is copy the files that aloows me to detect all my harddrives from Knoppix to my mandrake drive. How do I know which files to copy? Would I copy the drivers? Knoppix detects all my drives and I can even install my modem without a problem.

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    The kernel source files should be located under /usr/src/linux which is a symlink to the actual kernel-source tree that you currently running.

    Its very strange that Mandrake are unabled to locate you harddrives...are there any wierd brand on them or what??


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    Do you have any IDE controller boards apart from the motherboard, and in that case, what model are they?
    As for the sound, check your mixer settings. It might be that the sound is simply muted.
    You need to install the kernel source seperately. Look for the kernel-source package.

    You probably can't copy the drivers from Knoppix to Mandrake, since they are using different kernel versions, and the Knoppix drivers are probably compiled into the core kernel.

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