So I was playing around with color in my bash prompt yesterday and i'm noticing some really weird things. First off this is the prompt i want to have:
PS1="\[\e[31;40m\]\u\e[34;40m\]@\e[32;40m\]\h\e[38;40m\]\w \e[34;40m\]$ \[\e[0m\]"
but when i use it the words for some starange reason wont go to the next line when I type to many. The just wrap back to the start of the same line and start overwriting whatever is there. Why is it doing this?

and heres another crazy one. in this one that last half of the prompt blinks? I have no idea how i got it to do that.
PS1="\[\e[31;40m\]\u\e[5;40m\]@\[\e[32;40m\]\h> \[\e[0m\]" #strange prompt that blinks wtf?
i am using debian sarge if that helps.