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    A distro like Debian will give you a huge collection of packages and it installs only the bare minimum if you want it to. That way you can choose the packages you want and install them and their dependencies.

    There are more distributions around with these capabilities but the repository of Debian is huge, so the chance you will have to compile software is very small.

    If you want to develop a complete new distro not based on anything (but LFS) LFS is a good start. Or get the build scripts from your favourite distro and edit them to create your own distro. Or get a bare minimum of a gentoo install for example and compile the things you want. But all three options here will require knowledge and a lot of work. But that can be fun as well

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    I'd also recommend gentoo, any stage would be ok for what you want i think.

    Ive just done a stage 3 install, it didnt take too long to get the system up. Compiling gnome did take about 14hrs tho...but once its up it was fast and stable...

    And i love the ease of installing / uninstalling and upgrading programs...

    just emerge whatever, and it compiles it all for you. Much much nicer and easier than rpms and all that rubbish.

    So if you want a system that you create from the bare essentialls, with only the apps u want on, i would say gentoo is your best bet. It also has awsome documentation, telling you everything u need to know step by step to get the system going.

    Give it a go!

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