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    Create Own Distro

    Where can I find the bare minimun to create a new distro with. I don't want to use knoppix and change it or whatever I want to only have the programs compliers etc that I choose.

    I will have the normal type of programs like an internet browser and email program KDE interface etc and QT. I will use my distro for programming and cheking emails browsing web etc.

    Mainly I want to do this so that I have full control and know everything there is to know about my installation.

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    Linux from Scratch might be a good option here dude- good luck with ur distro

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    i thought that might be the reply i was hoping for another resource but thanks

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    Maybe if you were more specific I would be able to help you.

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    a list of the bare minimum needed for a distro

    a kernel
    a compiler


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    From what you've said so far, have you considered a Gentoo Stage1?

    It basically gives you gcc. You do the rest. New apps are very easy to get (if you want them), and you can customize everything for whatever system you are using. You don't have to compile anything you don't want. You don't need Gtk if you're not using any Gtk apps; you don't even get a WM if you don't want it.

    Not your own distro, but still uber-customizable.

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    sort of heard that was an option but also heard some people took 3 days to do a stage 1 install

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    Well, making your own distro will probably take that long anyways. Morphix and Mutagenix might be what you are looking for.
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    I think Linux from scratch is a good start. You can't make a distro just like that. After that you could start writing some init scripts and modify it a bit.
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    you could try editing an exisiting distro to get the hang of things

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