I recently installed Fedora Core 3 and have three problems with udev.

1- My Epson Perfection 1650 scanner is not usable until I unplug and replug it. usbview shows it identically before and after the replug, but xsane fails with a no devices found message prior to the unplug/replug.

2- My IDE tape drive is not usable until after I do a modprobe ide-scsi. Neither ht0/nht0 nor st0/nst0 devices show in /dev before the modprobe.

3- My typescript does not work as it needs a pseudo-terminal (ptyp0 / ttyp0). I haven't been successful in enabling these by anything I tried.

What I would like is a cookbook modification to udev such that the scanner is usable on bootup, the tape drive is usable without a modprobe, and the ptypx/ttypx pseudo terminal nodes exist on bootup (or whatever else it takes) so I can use typescript.