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Thread: wine and winex

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    wine and winex

    whats the difference and if you have winex can you do more then jst games on it or will you need to have wine. im so confused about these two programs can some one explain. i cant seem to find anything that will me out
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    I believe wine is intended for Windoze applications, while winex is for Windoze games (supports DirectX).

    My guess is that non-games will work fine under winex, but not the other way around...

    That being said, since wine/winex are supposed to be quite flaky, you might want to run both - each one for what it was intended.
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    CT has it pretty much right. WineX is just wine with enhanced DirectX support (for gaming). You can run pretty much any normal app under WineX, though, so you don't HAVE to have both installed.
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