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View Poll Results: What were you most concerned about when switching from windows or annother OS to Linux?

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  • Ability to play games

    5 38.46%
  • Ability to burn/copy CD's DVD's

    0 0%
  • Ability to browse the internet

    1 7.69%
  • Whether or not you could use MSN messenger haha

    0 0%
  • Whether it would really be more stable

    0 0%
  • Whether it would be too hard to install or use

    6 46.15%
  • Whether it would be secure enough

    0 0%
  • All of the above!

    1 7.69%
  • Whatever fears I had all turned out to be true!

    0 0%
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    Yeah, I was afraid of not being able to install it.

    I have had a RH8.0 cd for a few months, tried to install it as a dual boot with winXP Home or win2000 Pro but could never get it to install...

    I recently got an older machine that someone was tossing 'cause they had to re-install win98 three times in four weeks. I got RH up and running no problem, and have found it a lot easier to learn than I thought, though I am still scared to do a lot of things (I am really comfortable in Windows and know what to mess with and what to leave alone, I have no idea about that in Linux yet...).

    Funny thing is, since I installed RH, I have been messing with it constantly, but it hasn't crashed (got a little messed up --wouldn't list my installed packages or let me install new ones -- but I was able to fix it without much trouble). My winXP machine has crashed twice, even though I barely touched it,

    So I am happy with Linux. One reason is because if you have a problem, you can do a google earch and find hundreds or thousands of sites providing help for linux -- for free. Most sites for 'help' with windows are either insufficient or are MS support themselves, and they will charge...

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    For the less technically minded Linux can be a pain.

    I tried the latest RedHat Pro versionthat I purchased. Couldn't get my Alcatel speedtouch adsl modem to work, wouldn't detect soundcard and had a little trouble with my printers. No 3d acceleration for my Geforce3 soundcard.

    Then I purchased SuSE 8.2 pro. Same probs.

    Then purchased Mandrake 9.1. All the above probs were solved. It's easy to install, it's stable. It's hard to say why exactly, but I'm not fussed on it.

    I change some of the easy to find settings, e.g., mouse cursor size and colour.
    On booting up it is either white, black, small or large. I prefer large and white.

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    the open source driver for nvidia cards do not give 3d accelration and due too licensing issuse you have to dl propper 3d drivers from nvidia site

    edit: this is the same for any linux distrobution i think

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    I wasn't affraid .. but ended up discombobulated ..

    I've been trying to play nice with Linux for a few years off and on (Started with RH6 and Ice Pack 1.0). Most recenly failed at installing Mandrake 9.1 (Stops during the install @ "Looking for available packages...") running RH9 (Way too slow), and Collage Linux (I'm no good at configuring the boot loader). Here in a few I'm installing Jamd since I've been told it's a slimmer RH.

    I truly truly truly wanna climb out from under this mushy fat filled Microsoft gurth I'm currently barried under, but honestly, I'm just not capable of dealing with Linux on a 100% basis. Not only have I yet to see it's "Ease of networking" here at the home front, but I do a lot with Flash, Photoshop, GoLive, and AutoCAD. True there is The Gimp (not bad, but not close enough), emac for HTML (No where near GoLive/Dreamweaver), and I've seen quite a few CAD programs (I think Microstation started Unix based if I'm not mistaken). Flash for Linux? I wish, that alone would be a serious push in the right direction for this fellow since I live in the Flash world these days.

    I think if I were ever to be able to get Wine working, at all, it would handle some of what I do well enough to get by (This machine is a 2.4 gig machine, and is quick enough to take a little wine bogging). I've got an old 266 running XP and internet connection sharring, I've had linux on and off that machine so much over the years I'm suprised I didn't wear the HD out, installing and fdisking and partitioning.

    If anyone know's how to talk someone through Linux with out having to fire up the "teminal" I'd love to know how to dink with iptables and masquerading .. those are greek to me right now, even after reading till my eyes watered.

    Justin [/i]

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