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    Data Link protocol ................

    In my college we are trying to implement the HDLC protocol for our indian satellite project. According to me as it is a data link layer protocol we should program down the layer that is creating the raw sockets at data link level ( we should not be doing in the application level as we normally do ). then constructing IP and transport headers. so that if an application sends a file to this raw socket the IP and Transport headers and crc or checksum are added. This does not pass thru the actual TCP/IP stack present in the kernel. In the receiving end the same thing happens i.e our HDLC design recieves the packet and verifies checksum or crc . if error then rejected without passing the packet to the actual TCP/IP software which happens normally for all packets.

    Am i right or wrong ???. If anyone has an idea guide me about this. how to design our own datalink layer software such as HDLC.

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    Why do you want to bypass the normal IP stack? When there is a more than excellent IP stack already, why write your own one instead? I say implement for as what it is: a link layer protocol, ie. add code that does about the same thing as the existing ethernet code, only for DHLC insetad.

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