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    Right now I'm using gentoo and my friend told me that learning the GUI part is easy, what you need to do is learn the bash shell. So I was thinking of buying Learning the bash Shell, 2nd Edition by oreilly. Do you think this is a good book to get or should I get a different one? Any suggestions would help thanks.

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    I've always had good luck with O'Reilley books. Why bash? I mean, I know you use it quite a bit but why not learn the Korn shell (sp?)? You can do some massive script-monkey stuff with that.

    I believe on Linux it's called the Bourne shell but uses very similar commands.

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    Why would you want to learn the Korn shell when there is bash? The Bourne shell was the original UNIX shell that began to look like it does today (it was written by Stephen Bourne; bash stands for the Bourne Again SHell, I'm sure you can figure out the fun in that... har har), and bash is the FSF's version of it, being the standard shell of the GNU project.

    However, don't spend money on a book on it. Go to instead and check that out first.

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