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    I want to see one on xp
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    Quote Originally Posted by genesus
    though there's one I disagree with--ahem, gentoo--I find them wonderful guidelines.
    Just curious, what do you disagree with.
    IMO, you really should have a few Linux feathers in your cap before even attempting to install Gentoo.

    Portage is really great.

    And waiting for things to compile can definitely be an evercize in patience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by genesus
    I want to see one on xp
    There is dual booting with xp and linux
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    I was a complete noob to linux in like november (not that much has changed from then till now) but i started out with suse enterprise server 9.0, and that install was simple clean, and when the system booted it was already setup for dual boot with win 98, and when i loaded suse, it brought me to the login screen where i could choose a few diferent window managers and then upon login all the apps where there sound worked and it was great. The only draw back was the amount of time for the install. It installed some where like 3 gig of information and took about 30-45 minutes.
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    Perhaps I have incorrectly deduced that your primary interest is in game playing and ease of use. If i am correct then perhaps Windows is a better choice. Linux requires patience, research and a desire to be free of Windows hand holding. Keep in mind that Linux is an *alternative* not a replacement.
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