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    Time to Download

    How long did it take you guys to download Linux, I'm downloading SuSE Linux ISO image on a Broadband Connection and it's still taking me 9 hours. Did you guys use a download manager to do this? Any suggestions?

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    when i download in windows i use GetRight! it seems to speed things up. but it should only take about 3 hours or so. even at 100kbs the ISO is a 600-700Mb File so it is goin to take along time.

    edit: but it is worth it. i think i have downloaded a total of 7 distros, rh9 was 3 cd, slack was 1 cd, mandrake 8.1 was i think 3, gentoo i ended up downloading 3 cd but i guess i really would have only need 1, college linux 1cd, slackware live cd 1cd, mandrake 7 which was 2 cds, and i got suse 8.2 from work they copied all 5 cd's for me i have even tried it yet.
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    I used wget and I downloaded slackware 8.1 off from a norwegian mirror. It stole about 1 1/2 off my time.

    How are you downloading SuSE btw? Don't they just allow FTP install?

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    For both RH and Mandrake it took around a few hours per 640 meg iso. This was via cable. The slowdown was on the download site not my connection speed. I also didn't use any download manger.

    I just started and went to bed. Most of the time it worked fine. Once I had to redownload it out of 7 times total.

    If your on 9 hours, I'd stop it and start again after rebooting your machine and don't work on your machine while the download is in progress. You may want to pick off peak hours to begin the process.

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    it took me about 20 hours to download slackware on a 128kbs(*25-30k*) connection.


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    When I had cable it only took me about 16 hours to download each of the cd's for redhat 8.0 and mandrake 9.0 and 9.1. i believe i was using a program called like ... download accelerator pro, which did the trick for me after a horrid experience with Go!Zilla. but now with my 28.8 .. hold on and ill do the math of how long it would take to download a 650mb iso.

    650mb = ? kb
    1mb = 1000kb
    sooo ... im looking at about 6,500,000 kbs. and i download at a steady 2.9kbs

    ugh ... a side note ... i wish i had cable again .. anywho ...

    6,500,000 / 2.9 = 2241379 seconds which comes out to ... about 25.9 days. roflmao. holy Jebus. I'll just stick to ordering and borrowing new distros.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kriss
    How are you downloading SuSE btw? Don't they just allow FTP install?
    I am downloading the Live-eval 8.2 ISO version.

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    I've got cable and it only took me 40-45 minutes a cd for Mandrake 9.1 check around, because half of that problem could just be the bandwidth on the other end. I always got pretty good connections off of, and the manufacturer websites norammly are good too..
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    QD (and anyone else that's on dial-up) feel free to ask if you need a new distro or something. I'm sure that those on broadband (myself included) would oblige to dl, burn and ship. It's probably cheaper than buying the distros elsewhere, though I'm not sure on that.
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    thanx quickdraw. i also am a 56/ker ( i lived to far out for adsl). and i was thinking of downloading slackware 9. but for 30 days, pissoff. rather get skewl to download it. they have a 1.5 mbps adsl connection

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