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Thread: Linux Clusters

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    Linux Clusters

    I want to know more about Linux Clusters and the softwares that help create clusters. I have already studied Openmosix but i guess it has some limit to the no. of nodes it can connect.
    Can anyone help. I need knowledge of clustering and softwares.
    Second, if i am able to create a there way I can test it.
    Really appreciate ur help

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    iirc ClusterKnoppix use om (OpenMosix), other alteratives are OpenSSI and valgrind. IIRC OpenMosix got some stress-test tools.
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    Clustering can be done in a number of different ways depending on the task.

    There's OpenMOSIX, which is essentially for performing very CPU intensive work. There's also Linux Virtual Server, which is better for scalability and reliability. I run a number of LVS clusters running web and email. LVS is great where you have a number of concurrent but essentially seperate operations like this, but is of no use if you have a complex mathematical problem you're trying to solve.

    As with many things, you're best off deciding on what is is you want to achieve first, rather than just looking at a solution.

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    THnks for the info...

    Hey guys..thanks for the info. I am trying to create this cluster for learning purposes. I dont have a set mind as to what use ill put it to. Should I have an idea as to what I am trying to put the cluster upto or is learning a good enough pursuit??

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