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    New filesystem has used space?

    I just created some partitions on a new RAID 1 array. These ext3 filesystems are completely empty except for their mandatory lost+found directories. According to 'df' however there is approximately 1% on each of the larger filesystems already used.

    Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/sdd1                38859      4127     32726  12% /root/mount/boot
    /dev/sdd2             39492180     32828  37453236   1% /root/mount/root
    /dev/sdd5             39531084     32828  37490136   1% /root/mount/clients
    /dev/sdd6             77474468     32828  73506120   1% /root/mount/incoming
    So this is approximately 33M on each disk except for the new boot partition which is tiny so the supposedly occupied space is different.
    /lost+found takes up only 16384 bytes.

    So why is this space listed occupied by such a figure? This is not reserved space since df doesn't by default show the reserve (which is much larger than 33MB). Is this an ext3 bug? A df bug?

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    It is probably used by space reserved for the journal of the filesystem. Nothing to worry about, it is just overhead for a better and more secure filesystem.
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