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    Which linux distro is good for me?

    Hey guys i just built a computer and i havent installed the OS yet...Im extremely frustrated by windows and I think i can master linux quite easily...i was wondering what distro i should get. I like to play some games like half-life: counter-strike. And i would like to be able to write papers. And program

    My computer:
    1gb DDR pc2100
    amd athalonxp 2500+ 1.8gh
    80gb hd

    Help me out plz...WINDOWS SUCKS!!! I WANT LINUX!!!

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    Well, I'm terribly sorry to break it to you, but there is no native Linux version of the Half-Life engine. If anything, you can run it through the "Wine" Windows API emulator, but there aren't any guarantees that it will work. The Wine developers are having an awfully hard time, and I'm not jelous at them for that job, since MS API specifications are exceedingly hard to get anything useful out of.

    However, writing papers you can do at least as well as in Winbloze, and write programs you can do at least 10 times as good as in Winbloze. Not only do you have the world's best text editor, emacs, at your disposal for writing your programs, but you also have the world's best C compiler, gcc at your disposal for compiling them (Intel's C Compiler may or may not be better for Inter architectures, but at least gcc beats Microsoft's C compiler).

    You might find it interesting, though, that of the games that _have_ been natively ported to Linux (notably UT2k3, Q3, RtCW, etc.), they often run faster than on Winbloze providing that you have a proper 3D driver. Unfortunately, proper 3D drivers are currently only available for nVidia cards.

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    *sigh* that is not good news for me i have an idea!!! let kill bill gates demolish microsoft...then half-life will have to make an engine for it

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