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    PPPD question....


    I'm running Mandrake 9.0.

    I recently switched from KDE to Gnome because KDE is a huge memory hog and things ran pretty slow. Switching to Gnome has helped perfectly.

    All except that for some reason when I use Gnomes ppp GUI setup utility I can't get my connection to establish. So I resorted to loading KDE just for the KPPP GUI app. But when I do this just for the KPPP app., KDE consumes a ton of memory because of the needed dependencies. I don't want to use Gnome and would prefer to just run pppd from the command line.... My logic is that this should free up some memory.

    So what I would like to do is remove KDE associated apps and run pppd from the command line.

    How do I take my KPPP related ppp settings and make them work straight from pppd command line.

    Again I want to remove KPPP, but I want to make sure that I have those same settings in the needed area (of which, I have no clue) so that my dialup works before removing KPPP.

    If this doesn't make sense let me know or correct where I'm off...

    Thanks much.
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    I've never really had to use PPP on Linux (since I got my broadband connection before I started using Linux seriously), but I really don't think that it's very hard to set up. I've set up a small PPP pseudo-net with a PDA once for a friend, but that was at least a month ago and I don't remember it exactly. Your best bet is probably to check the PPP HOWTO. If noone else can tell you, that is.

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    Thanks Dolda,

    Wow...KDE is a big fat memory PIG!!!

    Got KDE removed and just invoked pppd from the command line. KPPP must of left everything that I needed. After removing all KDE apps., I exited everything and then rebooted. Logged back in and opened a shell and issued "ifup ppp0" and I got connected with less than a meg of memory shared compared to 62 megs with the needed KDE apps just to have use of the KPPP utility. KDE was causing me to eatup to 65megs of Swap space.

    Hmmmm....Well hopefully I had the right idea anyways..

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