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    Ejecting a cd WITHOUT having to reboot?

    As soon as it takes more than 10 seconds unsucessfully trying to access part of a cd or dvd I know I'm going to have to reboot. Either that or wait for 5 to 15 mins for one of the 10+ commands I tried to kick in. All the time the drive will be constantly trying to read the disk. Probably slowly killing itself in the process.

    Please I am BEGGING does ANYONE know of a way to get the cd/dvd drive under controll. Something that can forcibly terminate any processes using it and unmount it. Or better yet a hack to prevent the drive from being locked. Honestly windows seems to mannage fine with disks being ejected.

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    from cli ctl-z usually stops processes and eject will eject the disc.
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    If it's on the desktop, right click and select unmount.
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    open termanal

    umount /media/mycdromdrive (what ever its called)

    and to remount

    mount /media/mycdromdrive

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    If you even want the umount process to open the cdrom, try something like:
    eject /dev/hdc
    Or to get the cdrom back inside:
    eject -t /dev/hdc

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