Anybody interested in working on an installer for LFS built systems?
I hate to go through all that work and only have a Live CD to show for it - it would be nice to be able to install the distro to the HD.

Even if a floppy had to be used to boot/install it to the system it would be a good start.
It would need to contain - A boot loader, The Linux kernel, and A root file system (compressed of course and containing all binaries) ... On the boot diskette you could use an initial RAM disk (initrd), which would be loaded by the boot loader before the kernel starts.

You could just make a giant tarball out of the partition that contains the LFS system and have the boot/installer diskette pull it from a CD Rom onto a partition on the HD. (theoretically)

Any different ideas? ... i definantly think it's beyond my ability to code - but maybe not for some of you guys.

*UPDATE* - Found this website ... looks promising - this guy has released 6 versions of an LFS installer already: