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    ACPI - APIC Mode

    hey yall..this is my first post...dont flame me please ...but here is my problem....not too long ago i tried an installation of fedora core went great..i had no errors when i installed.. but when it was all done i rebooted and couldnt get the OS to come up...meaning it would freeze at a black screen while booting...i dont know why but it i ended up deleteing that partition and then my Boot sequence was messed up and i couldnt get to any OS including my previous windows installation.. so what i did was i booted my windows disc ..fixed my mbr and everything was peechy from there....after a couple weeks i got enough courage to try another distro..this time it was a live cd..i tried four...knoppix, morphix,ubuntu, and suse.. the only ones that worked were knoppix and morphix...... Knoppix only works one out of three times and morphix has only worked once..after that i noticed that ubuntu gave me a error message saying diffrnt acpi or apic settings might help i go to my bios and turn off acpi first...try to boot ubuntu again but got the same message.. so i go to my bios again and turn off apic mode and try to boot the live cd one more time...this time it worked..worked by getting passed that error..then it failed to load my ethernet i said heck with it..tokk out the live cd... tried to boot windows but then it also froze at a black screen and rebooted after five seconds of looking at that screen....i went to my bios one more time ..i enabled my acpi and apic mode settings like they were before and now here i am wondering how i am suppose to get a working linux distro.....i am almost 100 % sure this is my fault ( User Error )..are my failed linux attempts because no distro's support acpi and apic mode..or is it something else... ?.. i will appreciate any help = )

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    Boot with the <acpi=off> parameter when you do your installs. Changing the BIOS will not have any effect as you learned.

    Each distro is a bit different in how you set this parameter so you'll have to figure that one out. As an example with SUSE at the Install Screen you simply type in acpi=off and you'll see the typed info below the rest of the option. With Debian you type Linux acpi=off at the boot prompt.

    Perhaps this will help.
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    Have you checked here first?

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    i will deffinitly try that..thanks = )

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    ACPI -Apic Mode

    so i tried that but it didnt help....i decided to try one more distro of linux that i heard has massive hardware support...i tried the mepis live cd...everything booted fine..but when i tried to login as demo and password demo it gave me a message after logging in saying demo@tty1[~]$ in red letters...this is also still in the command line before it boots to some type of desktop.......i later looked this up online and found out it is most likely a video card issue...the card that i have now is the nvidia geforce 6200 turbocache ..i see drivers for nvidia cards for linux on the nvidia site..but i doubt u can install them with a live i am thinking i either have to build it into the distro some how...or buy a new video card ...which i would like too do anyways....i was looking at the standardvideo 4 linux card that also appeared on systm episode 2..i would definitly use mythtv if i got this card..i dont game at all becuase i dont really care so i guess this card would be good for me..i am looking for any input from some linux smart people here...i would appreciate it = )

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    Shouldn't be that hard ...

    Hello WaTTz - <Unofficially> welcome to the Linux Forums ...

    You should not be flamed here unless you invite it by being rude or ? People here want to help. They may become frustrated by lack of information tho ...

    Now to your problem. It would be a big help to know what we are dealing with in terms of hardware. Just a quick list - processor(s) - Video - etc.

    I have used almost every live CD and DVD there is and have had a no boot only a few times. Sometimes you have to try some settings.

    In Knoppix, at the first screen -the instructions talk about options - try the F2 key and it should give you a list of things you can do - like change the language etc.

    You might try the noapic option at the boot prompt..

    boot: knoppix noapic

    In general, when you are trying out these distros, your existing setup should be safe. If you don't change it, that is

    I would say if the distro doesn't give you the options you need - ditch it . Don't go changing BIOS settings to satisfy a live distro, and especially don't buy hardware, unless it's just an excuse to buy hardware

    Clearly you have some strong knowledge of computers - keep going and you will also have an OS that you can actually learn about and understand.

    Good luck and keep on trying ...
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    Hi twoHats !

    This thread is around 32 years old and I dont think Thread Stater needs any help right now. Thread Locked.
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