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    Hypothetical situation

    Hi everybody!
    I was asked for an interview to solve this problem, and sincerely, I have no clue what could be happenening and how this issue could be solved without restarting the computer. In a few days they'll call me for a second interview and I would like to ask your opinion on this.
    Here is the problem:

    "You are in front a computer with a monitor, keyboard, mouse. The monitor appears to be in sleep mode -- it is blank. You click the keyboard keys and move the mouse, but the computer does not seem to wake or show anything. Also, you believe that the system may be running something important, and you do not want to interrupt it if it is still running that task.

    How would you diagnose the problem and then solve it? Please describe how you would test and diagnose specific possible software and hardware issues; proceed in order of increasing complexity and effort."

    Any ideas?
    Thank you.
    P.D. The computer is running Linux, but he didn't tell me which one.

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    First thing I would do is try and ssh in.

    I've had systems that appeared asleep and were unresponsive, but I could stiull shell in and work normally.

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    you could check the hook up on the monitor to the computer, and the contections between the keyboard and mobo, and the mouse and the mobo. then check your hdd light to verify that the hdd is running. if no lights are flashing the do a control alt backspace to exit out of X, and this might take you back to a comand prompt if something on the X server was hung up.
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    Thank you very much..I've started with the idea that all is plugged and ok, but I was wrong I guess.. and I thought that this is a situation without escape..
    Thanks guys.

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    proceed in order of increasing complexity and effort.
    With this in mind, the first thing I would do is press the numlock and caps lock keys to see if the lights toggle on/off. If they do, you know the keyboard is connected and the system is running at some basic level.

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    1. Click the mouse
    2. Caps/num/scroll lock check
    3. Ctrl+Alt+F1 and see if I get a login prompt. Then Ctrl+Alt+F7 to see if X is screwed.
    4. Ask the owner of the box.

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    Thank you guys..your help was much appreciated..I had yesterday the interview..and it was ok. But..there is no NIC, it's a stand alone computer..without possibility to telnet/ssh into, change the monitor, change the videocard, even though this means to shut the computer down.. And if still doesn'y work when restarted? What could it be? Hardware failure as mjdc76 said?
    Anyways, I wouldn't touch it..

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