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    Internet Connection SHaring

    I'm new to Linux, I'm running Red Hat Nine, and I'm not sure how to share my connection through XP.... I want to run a proxy and set up Samba, but I'm completely lost.. so if you have any suggestions, please let me know!!

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    Do you mean that a Winbloze XP computer should do the internet sharing, or that the Linux system should share its internet with the XP computer? If you're looking for help with getting the XP computer to share its internet, then you might be looking in the wrong place being in a forum for Linux, unless someone here would accidently know how to do that.
    If the XP computer already shares its internet connection and you want to get the Linux system to use it, you need to set the default gateway to the IP address of the XP computer.
    Please reply back with whatever is the case.

    What kind of proxy is it that you want to run?

    For setting up Samba, yowwww (a member of this forum) has written a guide that incorporates that. See to get to it.

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    Its much easier to set the linux box as the gateway and firewall, then set up the M$ box to access the net through the linux box. you will get plenty of help in this forum to do it this way.

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    My brother has the Xp comp and he has the internet and I want to use his internet thru a proxy... I'm not sure what proxy I am going to use, if you have any recommendations, please let me know....

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    Why a proxy? Why not just NAT? I'm pretty sure that Winbloze XP supports NAT, although I don't know how to set it up on Windows. If you do that, you only need to set the default gateway on the Linux system to be the IP address of the Windows system and set the same DNS settings as on the Windws system.

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    That's what we planned on doing, but we also have my Dad's comp networked and he's running ME, which doesn't ever like to cooperate and we finally just got the settings right for that. We don't want to have to go back thru and reconfigure everything in Win. So we figured it would be easiest to run a proxy.

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    here's how I do it

    I have my network on eth0 masqeraded through ppp0 for the internet -> each of the systems on the network... I have mac os X, os 9, Linux, m$ 98 and XP... must be configured properly - they must be assigned an ip address (unless you are running dhcp on your box). this ip must be on the same network and subnet that the eth0 port is configured on for simplicities sake. You must also specify the default gateway to the ip address of your box and each system must have a nameserver specified(this is readily available from any tech support person for your isp).

    this is vague as I don't have much time but if you need more help, let me know.


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    /me waits to be flamed for knowing lots about windoze, i know... i hate me too

    Sinc eu insis ton havinthe xp machine as the proxy, I have had nothign but bad experience with xp default connection sharing. The program i have set up at my olds house. (they dont have a spare comp for netserver and wants windoze on both faimly comps) is called AllegroSurf. not sure where u get it (try google). it needs a crack (or like $50) availible from but apart from that it seems to work ok. You also have to disable its ad blockign functions as they just block ads but dotn send a response to the clients sayign site not foudn so they freeze ur browser.... dont know who made that part of it but it certainly is not well done.

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    /me is going to be fkamed because there's a CHEAPER way!

    In XP go to the network Connections in the control panel =-= follow the wizard and set up a bridged connection between your internal network and your internet connection - all you have to do now is tell your linux connxion to authenticate with DHCP and vioala - restart the interface

    ifconfig eth0 down
    ifconfig eth0 up

    *** replace eth0 with the correct interface

    you've got the internet

    cheers - Cole

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    ICS for XP

    Well, my friend now that everyones done kicking your a@$% for mentioning windows. I like to offer some help to support the above statement by drspin. Basically what you have to do is right click on your my network places icon and select your main LAN connections "the one you want to share" then go to the properties, select the sharing tab, click on settings, same tab, and it will allow you to select what connection you will be sharing your internet connection with. It should be the ehternet card you have connected to your switch, this will allow your computer to serve our DHCP to your clients and allow them to connect to the internet via NAT.

    good luck



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