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    Newbie Mandrake 9.1 user here

    Hey guyz found my way through Google here and i'm about to join the Linux frenzie. I have a question about device drivers.

    Currently dual-booting w/ W98 & W2K on 2 separate hard drives. I installed a 3rd HDD connected via a PCI ata controller card. I have my 3 Mandrake CDs all ready 2 go and i even started the installation process to make sure Mandrake would recognize my 3rd hard drive.

    After i install the OS, i presume i'll have to install all my device drivers ready to go. I have my nvidia video card driver burned on a CD already but as for the other drivers - heck i have no clue.

    Will i need to find/download/& install the following?
    (FYI: on a Dell 4100)
    1) Intel 815e chipset
    2) Santa cruz sound card
    3) Connexant GVC modem 56K
    4) Siemans Speedstream NIC
    5) USB cable modem - RCA brand
    6) USB HP deskjet printer - 952C

    I know nothing (almost next to nil) about Linux. I sure would appreciate all the help i can get before i start on this venture - thanks all.

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    Go for it. the mdk distro contains many drivers, any that can't be resolved can be sorted later. when asked if you want to create a boot floppy do so, don't let it install lilo, if I remember right it overwrites the M$ bootloader. You won't then be able to load M$

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    The Winmodem will most probably not work. The USB devices can cause problems, but I hear that Mdk has pretty many drivers these days, so you just might be lucky. The problem is that many USB devices use proprietary protocols and the manufacturer only makes Winbloze drivers.
    I don't think that the others should be a problem, though.

    LILO will indeed overwrite Winbloze's crappy bootloader, but you won't loose anything by doing so; the installation will set it up to be able to chainload Winbloze.

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    It should give you all your drivers. The Nvidia one is safe, I'd assume, since Mine was installed right. Everything worked great "right out of the box" for me, except for a stupid error on my part...

    If you want, one thing I'd do that might cause you headaches, is, at the boot up, right on power up, fress F1, and turn off PnP after your first boot of LInux. See if that fixes any problems you might have.

    THe winmodem will almost DEFINETLY not work... Go out and buy a 35 dollar modem that isn't a winmodem, it will save you a bunch of headaches (I.E, having to boot up into windows everytime you want to ask these kind people for help--Believe me, it got very very old.)

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    the winmodem probably wont work out of the box but get the model number from lspci (it will look somethign liek: 14f1:1085 - my number) should always start with 14f1 or some 4 digit number containing 1,2,7. onc eu got that either feed it into google shoudl get u a driver. if it doesnt post it up here and me (and probably a few other) will find u someting.

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