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    Wich Linux will be good for me?

    I am a total newbie in the Linux world. I only started last week, and trying to install Slackware 9.0 on a P100/32mb ram has become an exercise in frustration.
    I have no previous experience in any kind of Linux or Unix OS, only very good knowledge of MS-DOS and Windows environment since Win 3.0.

    So, my next target is a K6-2 500mhz with 256mb ram.

    My goal is to use the Linux computer as a gateway to the internet to protect my office network (3 computers) from malicious attacks/viruses/worms coming from the internet.
    It will also provide me with Linux experience wich can't be bad. Maybe one day I'll be able to completely get rid of MS Apps in the Office (yeah, I know, I like to dream <sigh> ).

    So, if I want something easy to use and to maintain (easy in terms of experience Windows Xp user, not in terms of Linux geeks! ), wich distribution should I get?
    I already have Slackware 9.0, but I've been told by more knowledgeable people that it's probably the least convenient dist. for someone like me.

    Any other suggestions for a free OS?

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    try suse 8.2 or redhat I think those are probably two of the best for total linux beginners. I hear that slackware is very stable and efficiant but also difficult and maby tedious to install - certainly not ideal for begginers like us ;) (but if you did manage it it would be great experience i suppose!)
    I started with suse a few months ago and it gave me the experience to install debian which is simmilarly hard to install as slackware i think. so i would start with suse or redhat both of which come with good tools to configure firewall and networking etc.

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    I'll try Red Hat tonight

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    I have recently installed slackware 9.0 and find it fairly easy to use, their is loads of docs at the slackware site to help you if required. Had mdk previously, but it installs stuff that you don't always want and fills up the drives.
    If all you want is a firewall and gateway try smoothwall, it's good. I have it installed on an old p166 and access the net through it via slackware and M$ 98 and 2000.

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