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    intel graphics cards?

    how good of performance do they get with linux? (i dont know the model, its my friends he wants to know)

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    intel doent make graphics cards. many of there board have embedded graphics made by intell. they are calle extreme graphics and they are up to version two now i think. they suck. not as bad as ati embedded graphics, and acrualy there opengl performance is somewhere nere older high end ati cards, but they arent for gaming. only for putting out graphics. 3d compatibility with linux isnt known to be so pretty but with the vesa graphics driver they should put out halfway decent 2d graphics.
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    intel graphics are bad. i used an intel, and i couldn't install linux because of it. the card couldn't display YaST. thank god that is over with and i have an Nvidia
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    k i tell mah friend ty guys

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    As cheap as nvidia cards are nowadays its more than worth the extra cards are not merely addons for gaming, if you want a decent display, nice graphics, or even to simply watch a dvd, you need something...I use onboard intel on my laptop; however, that is purely a LaTeX machine for typesetting.
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    I've got a machine with an Intel I810 and a machine with a Gforce4. The GForce machine is about 1000 times better... probably because NVidia actually took the time and spent the $$ to put a good driver out there...

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