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    Any professional resources?

    I was wondering if anyone might point me to some professional linux forums or learning resources written by qualified techs in the field? I would really like to get to know Linux instead of spending half of my life learning nothing on user forums and badly written web sites.

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    Very funny........ha ha. Ok, I haven't used this forum a lot. Are there people here who are qualified to answer questions and give the proper advice? People who know how the Linux system works and has plenty of professional resources to point someone to?

    I have been on a couple of other forums (no names) and their approach to knowledge is to kick a dog in his ass after shooting him in the head. A typical scenario might go something like this:

    post: Hi, I'm having a problem getting my distro to pick up my sound card. Im using <add pc stats, etc, etc> any suggestions?

    post back: My sound card works just fine with this distro. Better than that piece of crap you were using before! Maybe you just did'nt set it up right.

    None of which helps me........or even makes any real common sense! I mean if you dont know the answer to a question, why post anything at all?

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    Plenty of people here have linux cert's, and many people here have years of experience.

    Locking topic because i dont see a point to it.

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