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    Running windows in Linux????

    Hi all,

    Recently when i am through some of the linux magazines here i saw Windows running as a program in Linux.

    I was very curious about that . Can anybody tell me how can i do that? :P

    isit any software or something?

    It really reminded the Image selected by fastalwan


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    A program called WINE:

    basically it is a windows emulator.


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    yeah, wine or vmware.

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    aye, VMWare is much better with runing windows programs than Wine currently is... This is due to the fact that VMWare emulates a computer and you install Windows inside of that "Virtual Computer".

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    Thanks for that.

    But when i installed wine inRH9 (wine2000***) it says it is upgrading, but i can't find the wine exe on my system

    Where it could be on my system?

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    just type wine (windows program name) and it should launch that app

    type locate -u (updates the list of files locate keeps on your system)
    when that finishes type locate wine (searches the list that locate -u made for "wine")
    if the list is too long for your screen type locate wine | less (does the same as locate wine, it just displays the output in the less program (so you can scroll up and down))

    hope that helps

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