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Thread: p2p networks

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    p2p networks

    What is the difference between the ed2k network and the gnutella network?

    I used to use emule, but since switching my dedicated downloader/uploader to linux I have heard about gnutella. Is there any real benefit to using one network over the other? Are there clients that connect to both?

    I hope someone can help...


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    From Shareaza Wiki:
    From Gnutella: A network of mostly small files, good for music. It is much like Gnutella2 in the way that it acts in a similar structure, but it lacks the efficiency and features. Even with more users than Gnutella2, it actually offers worse performance. It also has short queues, like Gnutella2.
    Gnutella is best for smaller files (~ 4-10 MB).

    From eDonkey2000: eDonkey is a network of long queues and large files. Donít be surprised if you try to download something on eDonkey and youíre waiting in queues the size of your state's population. But, the network has pretty much everything, if you wait long enough (say, leave your download going overnight or longer). You'll be able to get most files eventually. Keyword: Eventually. The download is going to be slow, much slower than most other networks. This is why the network is suited for broadband users, who can leave their connections active all the time and wait through the queues and the slow download. However, there is a credit system involved - the more you upload to a user, the faster you go through their queues, helping you download faster. The longer you leave it on, the faster your download will be - to a point, of course.
    eDonkey is best for larger files (20 MB +).
    I dont' like these networks because they're too slow for me (actually the users are slow not the network itself)...

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    It really depends what you're looking for. The descriptions nalg0rath posted are quite accurate.

    I found Gnutella to be a nightmare for large files and frankly, the selection just wasn't there. But if you're looking for small files and instant gratification, it's probably the better choice.

    The stuff I download, I'm typically not in a rush to get. I also tend to get larger files. The ed2k network is much better for that. The speed that you get stuff is largely based on the popularity of the things you're getting. Less popular things take longer, sometimes a lot longer.

    Basically, if you're using ed2k, you're best off leaving it running 24/7 and sharing things similar to the things you want to download. The network operates with a credit style system, so the more you share with someone, the faster you'll advance in their queue. Thus, if you're sharing stuff 24/7 with people who are interested in the same things, you'll get credit with them and advance through their queues relatively quickly.

    Also, every time you disconnect (for more than 20 mins or so) and reconnect, you start at the bottom of everyone's queue again. Hence, running it 24/7 is usually the best choice, if it's an option.

    Hope that helps add some clarity.

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