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    Calling on all "GuardDog" "GuideDog" us

    I posted to the "Security" section but haven't gotten a response at all.

    So I'll post here instead. If this isn't exceptable let me know how to handle non responses to questions posted.


    I've been using Shorewall Firewall for some time now and just ran across GuardDog firewall setup util and GuidDog netwrk routing util.

    I haven't installed these yet and before I do I was wondering if I could get some feedback from some of the novices to the experienced users on the good the bad and the ugly of these two utilities as well as comments on my setup below.

    Right now I have a dialup connection to the internet and use IP masq'ing for 2 other winblows pc's behind the linux box running shorewall.

    Eventually I will be getting DSL with 6 available public ip's and am wondering how robust the GuideDog util is for port forwarding to privately addressed pc's.

    Shorewall uses DNAT (mainly is used when you only have 1 public ip on eth0), and STATIC NAT(many public ip's-like a 1to1 nat) variants for port forwarding and Masqurading or SNAT for outbound connections.

    Proxy Arp?

    There isn't a GuideDog usersmanual yet so I was wondering what, if any, experiences people of had using GuideDog for port forwarding of regular services like smtp, http, ssh, dns, ect...ect...vpn/ipsec.

    Trying to get an idea of how robust this GuideDog utility is for port forwarding..from any of the advanced users and how this works in conjunction with GuardDog?


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    that u got either of them workign means ur doing better than me. i tried shroewall alomst a year ago and it jsut blocked everything no matter how many times i changed the config files to allow what i wanted.

    from what ive read abotu guarddog it looks ok but i havent actually used it. (i went back to iptables after shorewall didnt work)

    abotu the no response thing... its usually caused by most ppl just clicking the show new posts button and if for some reason they dont read it first tiem it gets ignored. I just add a reply to my own thread if it doesnt get a response after a couple days jsut to get it back into the new posts listing.

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    Thanks for the reply Hellmasker,

    Ya, I was a little confused when I installed shorewall initially. I had to go through the doc's pretty thoroughly. I got it up and running fairly easy though.

    The thing that I like about GuardDog and GuideDog is the gui interface for configuration. I haven't tried installing this yet. Wanted to here of others experiences first.

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    I haven't ever used firewall setup tools like that, so I can't help you with that. Instead, I recommend that you do like me and set up the firewall by hand. There are lots of guides and stuff on

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    Your right Dolda.. I will do this but I just happen to be cusrious about how robust the gui is for these two utilities. I used to work for Watchguard Technologies. Its a linux kernel based firewall with an kick booty gui for all those MS weinnies

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