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    anyone got good linux sites they can post?

    can anyone please post me good sites for beginners on using red hat linux? or any informative "how to" linux sites?

    thanks in advance.

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    the sites I visit most: <-- I do work on GNOME sometimes, so I go here to check on stuff <-- full of interesting general linux crap and science/tech stuff <-- full of software. Wanna know when gaim releases again? Check here <-- linux news
    and know for my reference links: especially. Every problem you are having 15 other people have had. Trust me. <-- dry reading, but if you need a general howto, check here first. They are in-depth and perfect reading for even the newest of the new. I still read them. <-- dry reading again, but a more general "linux from front to back" type of thing. <-- you have to see it to believe it

    These are just a short list of my "at least once a week" kind of visits.
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