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Thread: Compression

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    I am sort of new to linux so maybe this question sounds stupid.
    I have noticed that on many developers websites, that they compress there sources in both gunzip and bunzip. why is this ? I dont understand why you need 2 compression formats when they both contain the same source. It seems to me that most distro's come with both standerds. Just curious.

    p.s. also where can i find my startup log? i'm having problems swithing to kernel 2.6 ( kernel panic)

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    They may give a choice of compression so we the user have a choice, also I think in the older versions of tar there is no j flag which lets you uncompress bz2, while there is a z flag to uncompress the .gz compression.

    Though you can unzip the bz2 with bunzip which you con pipe the output of the untaring through,
    tar xvf foo.tar.bz2 | bunzip
    (iirc), it's not as neat as
    tar xjvf foo.tar.bz2
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    As for the startup log see /var/log/messages. For hardware detection log just type 'dmesg'.
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