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    Sshd on port 443 on Red Hat 9

    Hey there.

    Plaese dont disregard this as a newb question I have worked on debian for 3 years and just recently switched to Red Hat. Who would think Red Hat would be harder to set up than Debian

    Anyhow I can't get sshd to listen on port 443. On debian all i had to do is add a line to the sshd conf file "Port 443" and everything worked , but that is not that case here. Do any of U long time Red Hat users know what might be preventing it from getting that port. I am not running a apache so that is not huggin that port. I had no troble assigining it a port that is higher than 1024 for example "Port 6789" worked.

    Thanks for all your help!

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    This has nothing to do with your question but why did you make the switch?
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    My work got a crafty fire-wall and they let through port 443 couse its apache secure port. So thats the only port i can connect to my home server using ssh couse the fire-wall thinks its apache connection.

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    Make sure you put the port 443 line in sshd_config and don't forget to restart sshd. Sshd does not change from distro to distro.

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    Thaks everybody, the problem was that iptables was blocking it. thanks again !

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