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Thread: usbat2 help plz

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    usbat2 help plz


    i need this for my mp3 player.

    problem is, i dont really know how to get it working.

    once downloaded, where do i put it? how do i make it work?

    i have never delt with anything of this nature yet in linux, so please reply with with that in mind

    using DamnSmallLinux

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    this looks like a bit of a mission, but i'l give it a go!

    right, download the file from their site, unzip it to your home directory..

    read the install file, it says
    1. Place clean kernel sources at /usr/src/linux (see README for supported versions)
    2. Configure and install kernel in normal way, compiling USB-storage as a module
    3. From the root directory of this distribution, as root, run "make install"
    4. Reboot into new kernel
    5. Load usb-storage module
    6. Plug in USBAT02-based device
    so number one,
    I dont know about dsl package management, but see if you can find the kernel sources dor dsl. check there site etc.

    if no luck there, type
    uname -r
    and that should tell you which version kernel u r using, go to and download the source there (i'd check with someone who knows about dsl before doing that tho)

    anyway, copy the kernle sources to that directory, and then you need to recompile the kernel...again this may be dsl specific, so i dont know. so search about for recompiling the kernel. when you do that, you will get a lot of options for which drivers etc to include in the system, and make sure u inclide the USB storage as a module.

    u then need to cd back to where u un packed the source u dowloaded from the site (not kernle source, source for the usb driver) and type "make install"

    then load the module, using modprobe probably

    and it should work.

    I know that isnt great, but it hopefully will get u a little further along the path!

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    ok. here we go...
    just a few lil queries..
    anyway, copy the kernle sources to that directory, and then you need to recompile the kernel...

    umm... how do i recompile the kernel?
    yea, you guessed it. newb.

    then load the module, using modprobe probably
    modprobe? this is an app? where can i get it?

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    That pages describes how to recompile the kernel! basically, when you get the source and unpack it to /usr/src/linux you then type make menuconfig in that directory, and it makes a program to compile the kernel for you, you get the option to include or not include a lot of things (like file system drivers, chipset drivers, cpu specific options, stuff like that...)

    Be prepeared that it might take a few goes, it took me ages - check what hardware you have (do lspci at a command prompt and print off that list)

    So yeah, know your hardware, cos if you forget something, its got little chance of working.

    As for modprobe, that is the way modules are loaded into the linux kernel. Modules give the option to add support for devices at run time, so rather than have a massive kernel that supports everything, have a minimal one that supports just enough, and give the option to add modules at a later time, without re compiling.

    When your in menuconfig, you get the option weather to make support for each option built in, or a module. Go built in for most of your hardware, but remember the read me told you to make your usb support a module (so i think you find that option and press M for module)

    You will have modprobe allready, dont worry!

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