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    To funny Blue.

    I like that allot. Seeing that I live pretty close to Redmond they actually got a good shot of part of the campus in this picture.

    Coolio.. Where's the link for this?

    I wan't to mess with this in Gimp alittle and then print it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mzzbizzsnatch
    Coolio.. Where's the link for this?

    I wan't to mess with this in Gimp alittle and then print it out.
    I have a better image of it on another laptop but you can hit "quote" on my message to see the URL from the photo I linked.

    BTW, I take no credit for that image, I just thought it was funny. Good work to whomever made it.

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    Cool. Thanks Blue.

    This picture is too-funny.

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    hi, I could use some help with this too..

    Hi, In searching the web for answers to configuring profiles so I can see a repectable prompt that tells me where I'm at in the directory structure, what system i'm on (I navigate between systems frequently but not as root because I keep that locked down in the sshd_config file), and what user I'm logged in as etc etc... I ended up here and read your postings.. when I went to the bashrc file the first thing I saw commented out at the top of the file was this:

    # System wide functions and aliases
    # Environment stuff goes in /etc/profile

    This leads me to believe that what I want to do should be done in the profile file... my needs are simple, and I don't use a GUI or whatever its called in the linux world, just a shell session, I am working in VMWare's ESX server, an older, stripped down linux version.. I am very new to linux despite my expertise with VMWare's software and I'm learning things little by litte.. and just for the record I don't enjoy it because I have so little time on my hands in which to do so and I really wish it wasn't so time consuming.. ahhh but if management would send me to a training class they might get more for their money.. hee heeee.. Anyhow, all I want to be able to do is see a respectable and informative prompt when I log in as someone other than root.. so if all of this is right in front of me and I'm simply not getting it please forgive me, but I am dumb as a stump.. as I clearly point out in my user name.. you can thank microsoft for that, or my degree in psychology... both may be contributors.. anyhow, god I ramble, but I'm looking to see if there is something else I should do besides add the code you posted to the bashrc file..

    Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!

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