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    mini distro with plip and nfs

    I am trying to find a mini distro that will fit on 1 or 2 floppies that will allow me to boot up my laptop from the floppy. Connect to another computer through my parallel crossover cable and allow the other computer to access a directory through nfs on my windows 2000 fat partition. I've gotten small linux to boot but I haven't been able to get it to mount my harddrive so I can share something with nfs.

    When I research a mini distro I have trouble finding what all it includes. I don't want to keep downloading distros and trying them to find out if they include nfs, parport, plip, and can mount a fat partition.

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    fark, I'm a big fan of your website at (I know, just kidding)

    You may have to roll your own. But you might want to look at Slackware version 8.0 using the bare.i bootdisk and the network.dsk rootdisk. It may not have plip, parport or fat, but Slackware has all the tools to do-it-yourself.
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