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    To evoke a package installed on HD

    Hi folks,

    LFS LiveCD

    Would it be possible from LiveCD to evoke a package installed on HD ?

    LFS LiveCD only has basic packages installed unable to read .pdf and .doc/.rtf files. I imagine whether I can evoke OpenOffice/Xpdf/Acrobat_Reader from the LiveCD. They are installed on FC3 HD

    I performed following test without success.

    OOwriter is evoked on FC3 with;

    While running LFS LiveCD
    On console
    # su -
    # mkdir /mnt/hd2
    # mount /dev/hda2 /mnt/hd2
    # cd /mnt/hd2
    # chroot /
    # /usr/bin/ could not locate "oowriter". It seemed disappeared.

    Is there any method. TIA


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    # su -
    # mkdir /mnt/hd2
    # mount -t auto /dev/hda2 /mnt/hd2
    # cd /mnt/hd2
    # /mnt/hd2/usr/bin/oowriter

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