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Thread: Samba Question?

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    Samba Question?

    I have Samba 2.28 on a RH 9 box acting as a primary domain controller, which uses roaming profiles which are in each users home directory. I don’t want my users to see the “.”, or hidden Unix files. The hide dot files option is enabled by default which works for most but not on users who have “show hidden files” set on the windows machines. So I added to the smb.conf, under the home section: “veto files = /.*/” which works but kicks an error when the user logs off the domain stating it couldn’t save the profile. This is because there are several files in the profile directory that start with “.”, example: “.java”. My question is, is there a way to set it up to use the “veto files = /.*/” but exclude this rule from the profile directory(within the Home share)? Or is this another good reason why “Profiles” should have the own share.



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    What's wrong with displaying dot-files? If the users have selected to "show hidden files", then isn't that what they want?

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