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    fat32 mount in linux

    Hi alll,

    I created a fat32 partition in windows 2000 and mounted in fedore core 3. i created a folder there, now when i try to open the partition in windows i can see only the folder created by me in fedora but when i try to see the partition in linux i cann see all the contents. can anybody tell me the solution.

    thanx in advance

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    if I read you right, you can see your Windows partition from Linux, but not your Linux partition from windows. If so, yes, that's right.

    Windows, you see, doesn't like to acknowledge that there is anything other than windows, so there is no in built ability to read or write non-windows partitions. Linux has no such hang ups. You can, I seem to remember, get a program (probably from that will let you read your Linux partition from windows.


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    Do you mean you can only see the folder when in windows, and you're talking about the FAT partition?

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    Does it happen on any other media like usb pens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerderello
    You can, I seem to remember, get a program (probably from that will let you read your Linux partition from windows.
    rfsgui for reiser and explore2fs for ext filesystems.

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    fat32 mount in linux

    Hi all,

    I think there is some mistake. U r not getting me. There is a windows fat32 partition created in windows. I bnooted linux and mounted it into linux. then i created a folder into it. Now only that folder is accessible in windows and not the other files which were earlier there. This happens when i access the drive in windows but when i mount it in linux it shows all the files.....

    plz help me.

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    What are the permissions like on those unseen folders? How about recreating them in Linux to be viewable in Windows? You can just copy a folder paste it, delete the old folder.

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