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    Two problems, from a linux newb

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section.
    I am using slackware 10.1 and have just updated from kernel 2.4 to 2.6.
    and now I have two problems the first of which is that now I am unable to mount my cdrom I get the following error "Mount: /dev/cdrom is not a block device" It worked before I went to 2.6.

    The second is that even after enabling the module for this driver "Marvell Yukon/SysKonnect SK-98xx Gigabit Ethernet Adapter family" but there is no change I still do not have internet access Its a integrated network card with my asus p5gd1 and I have a cd for the asus mother board with drivers on it but since I cannot mount the cdrom I cannot install them.

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    /dev/cdrom is a symlink, normally to /dev/hdc, try mounting that instead.
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    Instead of /dev/cdrom try mounting it with /dev/sr0.
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    Neither of those work.

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    How about /dev/sd0?
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    yep /dev/cdrom is a sym link. usally

    /dev/hda = Master on primary ide
    /dev/hdb = Slave on primary ide

    /dev/hdc = Master on secondary ide
    /dev/hdd = Slave on secondary ide

    All ye have to do is delete the cdrom/dvd sym link and create a new symlink.

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    Check your fstab to see what device your cdrom is (there is probably a better way to check this) and symlink to that.

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    Show us the output from the following 2 commands:
    ls -l /dev/cdrom
    ls -L /dev/cdrom

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    ineeni is you CD-ROM SCSI or IDE?

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    I got it now it was /dev/hda thankyou all for your help.

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