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Thread: Moving Files

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    Moving Files

    I know that this question is lame, but I can't figure out what I am doing wrong...

    I have a bunch of directories that contain images and other directories in the following path: /data/images/mspl06img

    I want to move the files and directories in /mspl06img one directory down the path to: /data/images

    I thought the following would accomplish this (logged in as root):
    #mv -v /data/images/mspl06img /data/images

    however I receive the following error:
    mv: can't stat source /data/images/mspl06img

    Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?

    Jason Hotchkiss
    Linux Newbee

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    mv /data/images/mspl06img/* /data/images/

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    It worked, thanks so much for your help -- bet that was an easy one for ya

    -Jason Hotchkiss

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    It's quite simple, really. Your command "mv -v /data/images/mspl06img /data/images" specified to move the directory /data/images/mspl06img itself to /data/images, which can't be done since it was already there. By specifying /data/iamges/mspl06img/*, you choose to move the actual files in the directory instead.

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    Not exactly, my true problem was that I did not have an MSPL06img directory in the Images directory. The directory was at the same level. So I have to change the mv command to:

    mv /data/mspl06img/* /data/images

    And though it might be quite simple for you, there are those of us out there who it is not quite simple for at least in the beginning. Thanks for your input though.


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