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Thread: It's over

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    It's over

    I can not, for the life of me, think why I am posting this. Perhaps there is a guilty streak inside me or perhaps I just want to share my experiences with others. But, finally, my Linux experiment is over. My installation has gone into some kind of apocalyptic meltdown and I have absolutely no way of working out how to fix it (other than re-intalling it ) and no will to try.

    I have been mocked by this operating system for too long now to the point where I do not care one little bit whether Linux lives or dies. Which is very sad indeed. I really wanted to use this thing, I wanted to get in with the community and be a part of something that, on the surface, looks very special. But under the shell I have dicovered that this thing is very difficult to use and understand.

    Then there is the issue of applications. Once I have this thing installed what can I do with it? I can't play games, for a start. And once I find an application that I want it takes me all of two seconds to realise my inadequacies with the install directions and give up. What makes this so frustrating is that I grew up programming mainframes. OK, so I might be a dinosaur, but give me MVS, CICS and so on.

    Then there is the snobbery. And the conceitedness of those that believe in their apparent superior intellect because they have made this thing for their special club and consider all those that can't use it a moron. Hardly conducive to wanting to use this thing.

    Until today I received the Linspire newsletter, as I have a copy and wanted to try it at some point. But it doesn't have what I want and I already have Windows, thanks. But apparently there are 5 000 000 installations of this. These figures are based on downloads of the software of course so make that 4 999 999 Linspire.

    Please feel free to comment on this. I don't give a rat's bottom as I will not be reading it. No will I be reading anything else to do with Linux. As bitter tastes go this one is the stinging nettle of them all.

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    ah the magic of trolls.

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    Just use whatever OS is within your limits, as there's no shame in doing that.

    Thanks a bunch though for getting out of the way of the hundreds of thousands of happy Linux users that intend to keep going forward with it.

    In the interim, good luck with whatever OS you should use...

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    Re:It's over!

    Tsk tsk....The first time you quit linux is always the worst.

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    Maybe you should give SuSE 9.3 a try. A little frustration in life is good for you

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    Quote Originally Posted by lakerdonald
    ah the magic of trolls.
    Which is exactly what this is.
    I looked at his profile and went through his posts, all of his problems were answered satisfactorily.
    But I did get the sense that he had more problems than what he was posting here.
    He may have posted on another forum and got flamed(he mentions getting flamed in one of his posts) but he wasn't flamed on LFDO
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    I wonder why he's frustrated. I was worse off than him when I started, but now I'm starting to get a little hang of it.
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    I don't think this is a troll.
    I think (from reading his other posts) that this is a hard-core Windows user who wanted Linux to be Windows but with a little more magic. He never had any real intention of giving Linux an honest try. He was waiting to make sure it didn't work so that he could say, "See? Linux isn't ready for the desktop."

    What I find amazing is that he probably thinks no one but someone in the "secret club" can use Linux because he's some programmer or developer and was unable to use it. These Windows-only programmer/developer types think they know everything about computers, but all they know is Windows, and they know it really well, so when something new comes along, they can't handle it, and they then think, "If I, as a programmer/developer type, with lots of computer experience can't use Linux, then there's no way in hell a normal user could use Linux!"

    This is flawed logic, though. Part of their inability to use Linux is because of their extensive knowledge of computers (Windows ones in particular). It's kind of like languages. Have you ever tried to teach a second language to an adult who's spoken only one language her entire life? She will undoubtedly mispronounce things and not pick up well all the grammatical nuances of the new language. Nothing will make sense to her. She may even, if she's an English speaker, believe that certain grammar rules in the other language "don't make sense," when English, in fact, is the most nonsensical language around in terms of consistency.

    A three- or four-year-old, however, exposed to some casual conversation in a foreign language, will pick up that language perfectly within a week or two. It's not because the toddler is smarter than the adult. The toddler is just not conditioned to a particular language (i.e., closed off yet to a new language).

    Likewise, new users don't yet have a skewed concept of what's "intuitive" or what "should be" similar to Windows. New users usually think all computers are mystical and confusing (sometimes even Mac OS X), so they don't mind that there's a little figuring out that has to happen with Linux. After all, they still had to figure stuff out in Windows.

    I'm quite shocked, actually, that he felt he had to recompile a kernel (I've never done any such thing, and I've used over 12 distributions). I'm not a programmer. I'm not a developer. I'm not a server or network admin. I'm just a user, and I've successfully installed and used Mepis and Ubuntu in a triple-boot with Windows for the past three months. Why? Because I was open-minded about it. Windows was not hard-wired into my brain.
    It's also worth mentioning that, for new users, Red Hat 9.0 is a piece of crap. If people want something Red Hat-esque, they should be using Fedora Core 4.

    I just don't think this person gave Linux a fair chance. Oh, well.

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    I'm still kinda wondering why so many people are using Red Hat 9 when starting out. I wasn't too keen on it, and it weas one of the earliest distros I used. I was also under the impression it was one of the better ones. Linux has come a long way since RH9.

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    aysiu, I was with you all the way on everything you said until you slammed RH 9. I couldn't disagree with you more on that. I used RH 9 for a long time and found it to be a great distro and version, especially as compared to Mandrake 9.2 which is why I switched over. Yes, Fedora Core is more refined and better than Red Hat 9 is many ways, but later versions of distros, in most cases usually are.

    You are totally right about teaching old dogs new tricks. My mother, who only used Windows for a few months, took to Fedora Core 1 like a duck to water, and she's 72. On the other hand, I know a long time Windows user in their 30's who gave up on Linux after just a few weeks.

    People seem to always have the patience to learn Windows over a period of years, but throw their hands up in disgust if they can't master Linux after a few days.

    I don't know which Linux board he was referring to, but I visit several, and rarely have ever seen anyone be rude to a new user. For every rude reply I've seen on Linux help sites, I can find a thousand where the reply was polite and considerate.
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