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    joining windows domain

    Hi does anyone know of any good tutorials on getting a RH9 machine joined up to a windows domain or can anyone give me a few pointers? I have installed Samba and tried a few things with that but i haven't had any success as of yet



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    The way I understand it a linux box is not really part of the windows domain. A linux box does not authenticate against the domain. You use your windows domain account to access resources in the domain.

    If you install Samba on your box others in the windows domain would ve able to see your machine and access the shares if permissions are given.
    If you want to give access to a certain user account you will need to create that account on the linux box as well.

    You can specify the security setting in samba as "server" and specify your domain controller so that it can check for the user's credentials on the domain controller. You'll still need to create the user account on the linux box.

    This is my personal experience. I would like to hear if there are better ways of doing it
    I am on a journey to mastering Linux and I got a bloody long way to go!!!

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    linx in a windows domain

    I would also like the skinny on this issue. I have a couple of questions regarding this matter.

    1. If you have your default firewall setup on a RH9 box, (medium) will it prevent windows computers from seeing your pc. I have smbd nmbd running but I still cant browse crap. I try smb:/// and I get an error stating that no domain browser or master is available.

    2. Suppose I want to make a samba files server. I want to edit the smb.conf. Do i have to clear the whole page and then add my own paramaters like


    master browser =

    or can i append to the end of the page.
    what other files do i have to edit?

    is there a utillity I can use to just say.

    make domain master browser check box X
    workgroup name = enter name
    users = enter user name

    THE SWAT utility is suppose to do this as far as shares and users go. But I still can browse the network and see this machine on it.

    3. Does my linux box have to have a vfat partition to be able to mount and furthermore have windows boxes see it on the net and access it?

    I just need these answers and then I will go and get my hands dirty by reading the manual pages.

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    1. Check if the firewall is up; run "iptables -L -n" as root and post the output here.

    2. You certainly don't have to clear the files, but you shouldn't just add everything to the end. Add new options in the sections where they belong, ie. put the global settings in the global section, and the share-specific options in their respective share sections.
    Remember to add users to the smbpasswd file, using the smbpasswd utility. It is necessary because of encryption issues. There are previous posts here that explain it, so just use the forum search facility and search for smbpasswd if you want to know more about why you have to do that.

    3. You don't need a FAT partition for anything, except sharing files between Linux and Windows on the same dual-boot system.
    Other nodes on the network can only access what you have shared in smb.conf.

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    Configure my RH9 desktop to the Windows server

    Dear All,
    I am new to the Linux, and i want to configure my RH9 desktop to the my companies domain, so that i can access another desktop, which have either windows or Linux, but i dont know what to do for this? what is the procedure to configure my RH9 to the domain, can you please show me procedure for it?

    please support me as i am new to linux and want to learn Linux.


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