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    Learning Linux RedHat 7.0 - mail and firewall server

    Hello experts!
    Where can I get some on-line manuals about maintaining Linux RedHat 7.3 server, installing and configuring mail server and firewall on Linux RedHat?
    I'm newbie in this operating system, but I need to become an expert very soon! I have good experience with SCO Unix.

    Which mail server is the best for RedHat 7.3?

    Many Thanks

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    First, let me start off with saying that I really appreciate you emerging from SCO to Linux; SCO is a cockroach that deserves to die. Just my personal opinion, though. ;-)

    Which mail server that is the best naturally depends on your needs. However, to find manuals and HOWTOs, TLDP is always the best. Also, to learn to set up a firewall, check out the iptables/netfilter documentation on There is also the manpage on iptables(8), which does such a good job of describing the interface that you can understand the underlying architecture from it.
    RedHat also stores all their manuals online at

    And as well, if you're wondering about something, you can, of course, always ask here.

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