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    What a good newbie starter "kit" (books, progs, et

    I'm Making the move from Windows XP to Linux and just need some pointers on progs & books.

    At the mo' i have Complete Linux, Linux in a Nutshell and have SuSE Pro 8.2 on its way to me (the boxed version with all the CD's, DVD's and books).

    So is there any thing I'm missing to get me settled into my new OS? Any more books ? and essential apps i should grab & burn in preperation?

    My Main uses would be Programming (C/C++ & Java) 3D Modeling & Animation, Some graphical manipulation (Photoshop under wine or Gimp?), ofiice type packages (i hear OpenOffice is V.good). Video editing, watching DVD's, Listening to music & the odd game or 2.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sounds like you're more prepared than I was I think those two books will serve you just fine, and the boxed set should come with everything you need program wise. Sorry to say you can't run PS under wine, but the gimp is a very very good program. The only thing it lacks is being able to save to PSD, which would be really swell. Good luck with your installation, if you have any questions along the way this is the place to be.

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    Wow... I think you're the most prepared one this far.
    I just want to tell you that unless you want to donate money to Linux-friendly companies (which by all means is virtuous), you don't necessarily have to buy books and stuff. The resources on the 'net is often as good or better than any books you'll find. Especially, check out, The Linux Documentation Project, which contains a world of information about Linux.

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    No sh%&#%t , this guy is prepared. He gots his books. The OS and knows what he wants.

    Great job Newbie. Looks like your gonna go straight up the ranks here.

    and Welcome aboard!!

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