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    Linux on Pentium 4 ?

    guys, i'm totally new to this forum, and also new to Linux (even i didn't get linux installed yet )
    so please help me out here, does SuSE Linux 6.1 work on an Intell Pentium 4 system ???
    and does any linux distribution work on Pentium 4 systems ????
    any way my specs are :
    Intell Pentium 4 1.6Ghz
    Acorp Mother Board
    256mb RAM
    1.7GB HD for Linux

    is there any thing wrong with these specs to run linux ??

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    There's nothing wrong with that. Pentium 4 is backwords compatible, so anything that runs on a pentium III (such as linux) will also run on a pentium 4. You won't get the pentium 4 optimizations, though. If you want them, your only option is to compile the kernel from sources and choose pentium 4 as your processor type.
    I don't really understand why you only allocated 1.7 gigs, though. It's enough, but if you want to install any HD-heavy packages (such as gnome or kde), you'll probably loose a gig or so in the installation.
    Suse 6.1 is pretty old, too, isn't it? You really should go get a later version.

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    thank u very very much for your reply but i have a problem installing SuSE 6.1 on my system

    ok guys here goes !
    i boot with the boot CD, after couple of steps the Yast comes up
    i choose to go to Partition the HD my Self, when it comes to partitions:
    1- i made a Primary partition dev/hda1, about 90 Megs (then i set it to Linux Swap Partition)
    2- then i made another Primary Partition dev/hda2 , and giving it the rest of my small 1.7 GB hardDisk, then i set its Type to (Linux Native )
    3- i choose continue, then comes the Screen of the Setting mount points (or FileSystems something like that .....) i have only Partition appearing its the linux native partition, then i Mount it to ( / ) root
    4- i then choose continue then confirm, formatting the drives and writing the information to its partition table, then it takes me to the place where i choose the packages to install the Base System
    5- then i choose the minimum package for exapmle (79 MB )
    6- then when i choose Start Installation, the error appears
    a dialouge box appears Saying (An error Occured During Installation Please go to Selection of Packages, check for Lost Packages)

    then i press TAB to se the Reall error in the Log Window, it says :
    (Package aaa_base-99.4.19-0 is for a Different Architecture
    error: /var/adm/mount/suse/a1/aaa_base.rpm cannot be installed )

    this is the lethal error i get, so please help fast guys cuz i really need to install linux please help me as soon as possible , and tell me is this is a compatibility problem ? or a defect in the CD or what ????

    and please don't tell me to try another distribution, cuz i'm in Egypt, and i can't find linux here , and i'm on a DialUp connection, so can't download them niether, i only got this distro SuSE6.1 from my dad he sent it to me
    via DHL from the USA

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    guys please reply and try to help me in any way

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    when people don't answer it usually means we don't know.

    As we have said as far as any of us know it _should_ be compatible, and it _should_ work - but since it is not, and nobody know's what is really going on, we are not sure what to tell you - it's hard to get support for such an old product, none of us have it anymore to check you know?

    Quiet brain, or I\'ll stab you with a Q-tip.

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    ok thanks any way

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    I answered to you cross-posting in the installation forum.

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