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Thread: pdf server

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    pdf server

    El Guapo would like to know if anyone has any docs or if this is even possible to create a pdf server that will allow a windows client to create and email a pdf document.

    i would guess that this would consists of the following

    ghostscript writer for linux

    ghostscript for the pdf
    samba to share it with windows losers, im mean users
    sendmail to automatically send it to the intended recipient.

    sounds good. I think Ill probably need a script or something.
    only thing wrong is that i dont know how to script.

    well if you guys can lend a brother a hand, I will be forever greateful. Not to mention you guys can use this to make money. Not on the GPL software but on the service you provide by implementing @ xxx company

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    just got the docs

    well, i think i must correct my self and say that from printer to email recipeint will not work. So pdf writer to desktop or predifined folder will be better. Got t the docs at the linuxgazette. If you guys still have other resources let me know.

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