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    Linux from Windows

    Hi... i tried to reinstall Linux kernel... i messed up and now Linux does not start... i want to install it again but i have downloaded a lot of files that i want to recover.. is there a way to see my Linux Partition from Windows XP to recover my files???... is there a way to reinstall the kernel and make my Linux operative without even logging on???...

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    You can use a Knoppix CD, or SystemRescueCD to log into your Linux partitions to recover files, and/or make changes. I don't think there's any way for Windows to access them, however.

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    You may be able to use e2fs to moutn ext2/ext3 drives and recover files, but have you tried booting linux under failsafe kernel? You would normally have this option on your bootloader. You can then (try) to start X, using

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    yes i tried the failsafe option... not working.... i have Suse 9.2 .... i don't know if it is a dumb question but... What is Knoppix CD?.. what is e2fs???... Another question: I didn't seem to find LILO.conf on my System (before destroying everything).. where does SUSE put configuration info for booting??... i tried to use this to make a startup partition for my old kernel in case of crash... i didn't find it and i still do the recompile of Kernel ( i've never done it before) it obviously didn't work... that is my problem....

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    SuSE uses GRUB, so the bootloader config is at /boot/grub/menu.lst

    e2fs is a Windows program that allows you to view ext2 and ext3 partitions in Windows.

    Knoppix is arguably the most popular of the Linux LiveCDs. Basically, it's a fully-contained Linux environment bootable from a CD. It is very useful as a system recovery disk because you can mount your partitions and recover data from them. It contains web browsers, IM clients, ndiswrapper, many useful things.

    It's also a good conversion tool.

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    you probably did not install correctly your boot loader

    knoppix is a distribution of linux that can be run from a cd, whithout installing on the Hard Drive, there is few distro like this one, DSL (Damn Smal Linux) is only 50mb I beleive and the iso file can be download very fast, then using a cd creator you can burn the iso (image) onto a cd. then if you reboot, with the cd in the system you will have a running linux system that you can use to fix your broken system or retreive your files

    the info for booting should be in /boot, the file for lilo is /etc/lilo.conf grub (alternatif system from lilo) is in /boot/grub/grub.conf

    remember that if you use lilo, you will have to run the commend "lilo" everytime you make a change to the lilo.conf (command I beleive is /usr/sbin/lilo) use the -c option to let lilo knows where is the lilo.conf you want to use


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    sorry, I reread your post and see that you already had a linux install so it is probably that you did not run the lilo command after recompiling your system

    /sbin/lilo is the proper command, not /usr/sbin/lilo

    I would recommend to switch to grub that is harder to install but easyer to maintan, and also have a shell so if you mess up your conf, you can still repar it at boot time


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