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    SuSE 8.2 installation Horror

    Ok im installling SuSE 8.2 pro (on my other PC) the 1st time round it made my root partition 1.9 gig by defualt. After instalation & a reboot it gave me a GRUB error and just locked up. So i reinstalled deleting the last installs partition. This time it gave me a 62 gig root partition by defualt and is rezising the windows partition to 82 gig. The windows partition resizing is on 10% and has been like that the last half an hour. Is it stuck or will it take ages.

    This is not looking promising

    I also had to do this all in text mode as my Geforce FX5200 gave me graphical erros during installation.

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    Well it took its time but it got there. This is making me kind of jitterish... i really shouldnt be messing with my main PC on the 1st week of uni. Well now at least im qualified to answer 2 problems asociated with SuSE instalation ... lets just hope i dont get another error on rebooting.

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    Well the story so far....

    I'm posting this from my new linux running system
    My Windows partition was nuked during the resizing (it was suposedly there but totaly unaccesable, was giving non bootable partition msgs, and the data on it was totaly not vissable on other machines) and the system refused to boot into any OS with the shagged windows partition + the new linux one. I had to do a full SuSE reinstall wipeing off every thing on the HDD

    Now im going about finding how to NOT boot in to Xserver so i can install the Nvidia drivers that where, for some non explained reason not included in this version of SuSE

    I so hope this was worth the total loss of my windows (why oh why didnt i back up all my MAYA model *sob* )

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    Well, I can at least tell you why the nVidia drivers aren't included. The thing is that they aren't free. They are distributed under a license that prevents redistribution and the source it kept closed, so distributions don't ship it.

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