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    Linux with FreeBSD

    What I'm about to ask may seem confusing if you're in a hurry, so please take your time.
    I need to triple boot FreeBSD 4.11 with Vector Linux 5.0.1 and Windows Xp Home SP2. Vector Linux only ships with LILO, and not GRUB (I'd rather use GRUB). I know that GRUB can't read FreeBSD, so can LILO read FreeBSD? If not, then does the FreeBSD boot loader read Linux? In other words, which boot loader should I use for my setup? If, by chance, LILO can't read FreeBSD, and the FreeBSD boot loader can't read Linux, are there any tricks I can use in their configuration files that would let LILO boot FreeBSD or FreeBSD boot Linux?
    Both of the boot loaders can boot Windows, right?
    Does anybody have any other suggestions?
    (this sounds like one of those logic questions on an I.Q test, huh?)

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    I have only some info on this - the BSD bootloader has given me trouble a couple of times, I'd much rather use GRUB/Lilo for this. In the case of Grub, doesn't it just treat BSD partitions as it would with Windows - i.e. chainloader? This was my first hit on Google, may be of some help. I never used to be aa Grub fan, used lilo for years but since moving to SuSE I'm a convert.

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    Cool. I read on DistroWatch that GRUB would have to be manually configured to boot FreeBSD... maybe the article is out-of-date?

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    4.2.3 FreeBSD

    GRUB can load the kernel directly, either in ELF or a.out format. But this is not recommended, since FreeBSD's bootstrap interface sometimes changes heavily, so GRUB can't guarantee to pass kernel parameters correctly.

    Thus, we'd recommend loading the very flexible loader /boot/loader instead. See this example:

    grub> root (hd0,a)
    grub> kernel /boot/loader
    grub> boot
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