Good news : I have set up my FTP server using vsftpd on Red Hat 8.0 and I have disabled anonymous login. This has worked when i try to use Mozilla or any other Netscape Browser remotely(which by the way never allowed me access at all with a connection refused error. Although ,Mozilla connects locally). Also, if i use an FTP client like gFTP or the like i get an error and I am asked for a user name and can connect.

Bad News: when I access my box from Internet Explorer on a windows sytem from ANYWHERE, it doesn't prompt for a pass at all and the browser automatically logs in anonymously. What in the world is going on? All of my permissions are still set rwxr-xr-x for folders and files so do the permissions take over for the vsftpd.conf file? should I be looking to use another ftp server?

More Bad news: (sorry about all the questions ) My friend has a box with the same version of Red Hat AND is a User on my system. With the command line ftp he can connect but then gets refused when he runs ANY command, even if he logs on as a user. His browser (Mozilla) and gFTP both receive connection errors of an unknown kind. His files are identical to mine and I can access him perfectly from my linux box (and everywhere else). Alas, His box also suffers from the dreaded ability to be served to any windows system with Internet Explorer.

Help ... Thanks for any helpful answers in advance.

P.S. I thought WU-FTP was supposed to be the standard in RH 8.0. My media only came with vsftpd.

.... The Epic has ended : )